Spirit Fitness Receives Fourteen Best Buy Awards from FIT PROF

Dec 28, 2021

The 2022 FIT PROF Best Buy awards are out and for the sixth consecutive year Spirit Fitness has earned recognition in multiple categories. For 2022 Spirit Fitness received fourteen “Best Buy” awards in six different product categories. This is by far the biggest gain for Spirit Fitness since FIT PROF’s first award to Spirit Fitness in 2017. FIT PROF recognizes Spirit Fitness’ commitment to delivering innovative, well-constructed products at the most competitive price points. The number of products making the Best Buy classification has more than doubled since 2019.


  • Best Treadmills Under $3,500: XT485ENT
  • Best Treadmills Under $3,000: XT485
  • Best Treadmills Under $2,500: XT385



  • Best Recumbent Under $2,500: XBR95
  • Best Recumbent Under $1,500: XBR25


  • Best Elliptical Under $3,000: XE395ENT
  • Best Elliptical Under $2,500: XE395
  • Best Elliptical Under $2,000: XE195


  • Best Upright Under $2,500: XBU55ENT
  • Best Upright Under $2,000: XBU55

Indoor Cycles

  • Best Indoor Cycle Under $2,000: CIC800
  • Best Indoor Cycle Under $1,500: XIC600

Spirit Fitness is one of the most awarded brands featured on FITPROF across multiple categories. While FITPROF has been doing reviews since 2008, Spirit Fitness earned its first FITPROF badge in 2017. In the last six years, the XE395 Elliptical has been listed as a Best Buy five times. Four of Spirit’s other products have won four times each, demonstrating that Spirit products are consistent, reliable and well-constructed.

“Earning awards from FIT PROF for a record-breaking number of products across multiple categories for 2022 is incredible,” stated Todd Udowitch, Vice President of Sales at Spirit Fitness. “In 2020, we launched a newly designed 800 Series and added the X-Series ENT models to our product lines. Seeing products from both of these endeavors on the awards list is remarkable.”

The new commercial-grade 800 Series features overall enhancements to the frame, construction and console design. The X-Series ENT models enable users to stream entertainment content and fitness apps through Bluetooth FTMS and wi-fi connectivity on the console.

“During the COVID lockdown, we faced many challenges managing inventory, getting new products to market and servicing our customers,” noted Ken Kruebbe, Director of Product Development and Marketing. “To see that FITPROF has recognized our hard work and dedication to product improvement makes the long days worth it.” Kruebbe added, “The Spirit Fitness product development team works continuously to respond to customer feedback and make improvements to the product line, the recognition from FIT PROF adds to our momentum and drive to top this number in 2023.”

FIT PROF reviews are based on five characteristics - aesthetic, construction, ergonomics, versatility and warranty. Spirit Fitness was rated highly for delivering on these characteristics with an impressive product range and price point.

FIT PROF Spirit Fitness Product Awards - 2017-2022