Experience Connected Fitness With The SPIRIT+ Mobile App

Feb 14, 2023

Have you ever wished for an app that you could use to plan your training, track progress, and set fitness goals? The SPIRIT+ mobile app can help make it happen. Keep reading to learn how. 

Discover The SPIRIT+ App

The SPIRIT+ mobile app is the perfect solution for athletes who need to track and store their fitness data in one convenient place. With this powerful app, users can easily collect and organize their training data, then share it with other fitness applications so they can get valuable insights into their performance.

The SPIRIT+ mobile app makes it simple for users to monitor their runs, walks, and bike rides in real-time – all with in-depth stats and reports. This ensures that athletes always have quick access to the information they need to improve their performance. Want to learn more? You can find more information about the SPIRIT+ App here.

Share Data with Third-Party Apps

The SPIRIT+ mobile app gives athletes complete control over their training data. With this powerful app, users can easily store and organize all of their workout history and historical training sessions in one secure place. The app makes it easy to export your data to several third party apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and Map My Fitness.* 

Learn more about exporting data here: Export Data from the SPIRIT+ App to Third-Party Applications.

Pair Your Garmin Device and Import Data

Now, users can pair their Spirit Fitness equipment to their Garmin wearables* and import their training data to the SPIRIT+ App! Having trouble setting up your Garmin device with your X-Series or 800 Series ENT Console? Don't worry! This helpful guide will show you how to quickly and easily pair your Garmin device to your console, so you can start using all the features and benefits of these two powerful products.

Learn more about importing Garmin data here: Import Data to the SPIRIT+ App.

Looking For More?

No matter your fitness level, the SPIRIT+ mobile app can help you reach all your fitness goals. With powerful features that make it easy to store, organize and analyze data – as well as import workout sessions – the SPIRIT+ App provides athletes with a simple yet effective way to track progress, stay motivated and reach new levels of performance. Looking for more information or need help getting connected? Explore our Knowledge Center to learn more.

*Features available in compatible products only; see individual product page for details. Smart devices and subscriptions not included. All trademarks are property of their respective owners, are used for identification purposes only, and do not imply endorsement.